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The Pass lies in southwestern Fremont County, approximately 35 miles (56 km) SSW of Lander . Trailhead Start: Big Sandy Trailhead It follows the crest of the Wind River Range in Wyoming, both off-trail and on-trail, for approximately 135 miles, giving special emphasis on staying close to the Continental Divide in the most scenic alpine areas. The sight of the Continental Divide towering over the picturesque Dream Lake is fantastic, so plan to spend a few minutes here soaking in the views before you start your adventure. It is advised that you camp in either of these spots rather than at Big Sandy Lake. Drop down from the pass and round the south shore of Bewmark Lake, and descend the west slopes from the lake, while staying well above the north shore of Middle Fork Lake. P.O. All lakes can be accessed using the Stough Creek, Sheep Bridge, or Sweetwater trailheads in the Shoshone National Forest. These walls certainly contain some of the most demanding rock climbs in the lower 48 states. Snow sticks around here pretty late, and the lake can be icy until then, too, so be sure to check trail conditions before heading out to avoid a snowy surprise. The rest of the route down to Scott Lake is also detailed in Pallister's Book. Generally speaking, backpacking here is best done in the late summer or early fall, when temperatures are warmer and the better portion of the snow has melted from the high altitude terrain. Upload a photo Fix/Improve This Page It goes west across the expansive plateau of Osborne Mountain, then follows Mill Creek to the Osborne Cabin, on old homestead of a famous trapper. All Tours Tour Sale. Traditionally Indigenous Territory Apsaalook (Crow) Eastern Shoshone Cheyenne More Stats for Smith Lake hike trail trail Altitude change 607 ft Altitude min 9,292 ft If UpperSilas Lake is your destination, you go right, and cross Silas Creek, then stay right again. This will avoid creating a new social trail that leads hikers astray. Mileage: 17 miles RT According to the approximate route I traced on my phone, the total elevation gain is about 29,000 feet!! There is fantastic alpine camping near (and north of) Deep Lake, and great sheltered, treeline camp spots just off the trail at Clear Lake. Welcome to /r/wyoming! Although it gets spotty between Deep Lake and Clear Lake, you can't really get lost; just head north down the granite slabs to the east end of Clear Lake. To reach Peak Lake, continue west down the valley after Knapsack Col. Due to the nature of the WRRT, this trip is best savored by taking your time. Earthwalk press makes the best maps for the winds. "Follow your dreams, You can reach your goals, I'm living proof! . You can find her on Instagram at @aka_dmoney. By 1838, four additional American missionary women had crossed the pass, Myra Fairbanks Eells, Mary Richardson Walker, Mary Augusta Dix Gray and Sarah Gilbert White Smith. One way to or from Lander Bruce's/Middle Fork $35 Gold had been discovered in the gulches near the pass as early as 1842. From the Pole Creek Trail, you will see a trail that diverts and is labeled as Photographers Point. Directions from Pinedale: From the intersection of Pine Street (US 191) and . The Rainbow Lake Trail begins at Dream Lake, which is right along the Continental Divide Trail. Burnt Lake - Low use 8. (Joshua Bergan photo) Few mountain ranges in the world offer the outdoorsman as much as Wyoming's Wind River Range: Miles of trail to ride or backpack, glaciers to climb, some of the world's best granite for rock climbing. Fishing and backpacking are popular here, so bring your pack, tent, and fishing pole to make this a fun overnighter. The Lander Cutoff Route crosses the Continental Divide at the far northwest end of the broad South Pass region, about 25 miles (40km) to the northwest of the South Passes, at an elevation of 8,030 feet (2,450m). [5]:110,113[4]:158, In 1842, John C. Fremont led a United States Army Corps of Topographical Engineers expedition to survey South Pass. Follow the top of the divide north for approximately 1.5 miles, then drop down west to the north shore of Baker Lake. The majority of the Wind River Ranges hikes and primary backpacking trails are at elevations of 9,000 feet or above, making them difficult and potentially dangerous for unprepared visitors. With little elevation change compared to most hikes in the Wind River Range, the Dickson Park to Middle Lake Hike is a perfect intermediate adventure. For more information please visit The State of Wyoming's website. Joe Kelsey describes the first 5.5 miles of this trail as the Lizard Head Trail as follows: "Lizard Head Meadows are an opening along the North Popo Agie 2 miles below Lonesome Lake. Stuart's "Travel Memorandum" was left with President James Madison, but the War of 1812 preempted western exploration. Trip Type: Out-and-back Joe Kelsey says the following of this area, "Hall's Lake sits at 10,602 feet in the midst of a large area decreed trailless by the Forest Service. " Joan Pendleton OpenMapTiles OSM 36.2 Miles Point to Point 11,075' High 7,641' Low 5,946' Up 5,973' Down 6% Avg Grade (4) 52% Max Grade (28) Toolbox Plan in onX Backcountry There is apparently a non-technical route that goes northwest from the pond that traverses the cliffs above Little Sandy Creek. Call State Park Amenities Amenities at Lake Smith include: Boat Access Fishing Jetty Accessible Pier Picnic Area Beach Trails Accessible Facilities And they weigh 600 to 1,300 pounds, so if they hit you, it'd be like . Following the partly maintained Christina Pass Trail starting east of the trailhead at Sweetwater Guard Station (not at the end of the 2-mile dirt road to the normal Sweetwater Gap TH), you hike approximately 3 miles to the intersection with the North Fork of Blair Creek. All of which means that Wind River Range backpacking is a must-do for anyone serious about getting outside. ISLAND LAKE: Its about 5 miles to Island Lake from the trailhead, 10 miles roundtrip. Sign up for Weekend Wanderer and join thousands of readers getting epic travel ideas weekly. Both areas, located just west of the Continental Divide, are rich in outstanding scenery and recreation opportunities. The Wind River Range Traverse (WRRT) is the finest non-technical alpine backpacking route in the lower 48 states. After approximately 2 miles, branch off to the right and ascend for 1 mile to Baptiste Lake. Lonesome Lake was the first lake in the Wind Rivers to be deemed unsafe for drinking, and camping is strictly prohibited within 1/4 mile of the lake. Location. Prepare for your next adventure by downloading maps. Almost to the top of the tall mountain, Jerry remarked he wished I would have asked for expensive jewelry instead. ), But I digress. This trip was planned as a 10 day shuttle trip from Meadow Lake TH to Boulder lake TH on the west side of the Winds out of PInedale WY. You end up where Palister calls "Shangri-La." Rainbow Lake is a popular fishing destination, so hikers typically bring along fishing poles to spend a relaxing afternoon on the water. It was designated as a U.S. National Historic Landmark on January 20, 1961. You would be better off trying your hand at the shorter and more direct WRHR, pioneered by AdventureAlan (link at the bottom). Hike through forest and up the rolling trail for about another mile before arriving at Upper Silas Lake. Looking over Marms Lake Lakes dominate much of the Wind River Range, meaning you don't have to carry too much water. Considering taking on of the Wind River classics? Heres what to know before you get out on the trail: The Wind River Range is home to a variety of wildlife, including elk, deer, bighorn sheep, moose, bald eagles, wolverines and grizzly bears, making it an incredible location for viewing rarely seen animals in their natural habitat. Wind River Mountains Topographic Map - Northern Half by Beartooth Mapping. . Smith Lake Lake Popular Destinations in Wyoming Cheyenne Casper Laramie Gillette The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. Cabin Rentals Areas. It contains 40 peaks over 13,000 feet, the largest glacier in the American Rockies, and over 1300 named lakes. South Pass (elevation 7,412ft (2,259m) and 7,550ft (2,300m)) is the collective term for two mountain passes on the American Continental Divide, in the Rocky Mountains in southwestern Wyoming. Slide Lake Trail is a wonderful, well-maintained trail thats the perfect addition to any adventure itinerary. Though well known to Native Americans, South Pass was first traversed in 1812 by European American explorers who were seeking a safer way to return from the West Coast than they had taken to it. Shooters must supply their own target holders, which must meet the approval of the shooting range attendant. #WindRiverCountry, Wind River Visitors Council It is the best kind of trailless terrain, for you are above treelike, can locate topographic features, and get a sense of solitude in country you are probably visiting for solitude. Composed mostly of National Forest land and the Wind River Reservation, the Winds are protected by three quarters of a million acres of public lands. Some of our favorite day hikes are: Stough Creek Basin, Smith, Middle and Cathedral Lakes, Island and Thumb lakes in Silas Canyon, Lake Louise, and anything on the Middle Fork Trail, which starts at Bruce's Bridge at the end of Sinks Canyon, and takes us all the way to Wind River Peak. Justin Glass at a small tarn in the upper valley of Middle Fork Lake on the Wind River High Route, Wyoming. Do this route early morning to avoid afternoon storms. From Middle Fork Lake, it is approximately 2 trailless miles to Hall's Lake. _The Deep Creek Lakes and Ice Lakes are accessed by an 8-mile round trip dayhike from Tayo Park. Ashley sold out to Smith, William Sublette, and David Jackson in 1826, becoming their supplier. Backpacking is popular from this trailhead and youll almost always find photographers at the lookout, so trail traffic will be heavier here than other areas. Continue west until you get to the drainage of the Knife Point Glacier, your next destination. Desolation Lake (Lake 11478 on maps) at the head of the basin is said to be spectacular. Approaching a construction zone 20 minutes outside Pinedale, Wyoming a flagger stands between us, rotating his sign to "stop." You can do this by contacting the National Forest Service or looking at online reviews on sites such as AllTrails or Hiking Project. The roads are entirely gravely / dirt after this, but are fairly well-maintained and should usually be accessible for low clearance vehicles. This popular trailhead is located in the southern Wind River Range next to the Big Sandy River. I'm guessing it's called that for a good reason. That was an epic day, and and unforgettable birthday gift that was hard-earned to say the least. The region is considered to be one of the prime fishing destinations in the lower 48. The Wind Rivers humbly hide 30 peaks over 13,000 feet, including Wyomings tallest mountain Gannett Peak. Wind River High Route Trailheads & Transportation Thru-hiking East side The most logical termini for a Wind River High Route thru-hike are on the range's east side: Bruce Bridge, 15 miles west of Lander, entirely on pavement Trail Lakes, 10 miles west of Dubois, mostly on gravel At both trailheads, you will find only a parking lot and an outhouse. Lake, continue around the shore of Upper Silas Lake on a nice trail that winds up and through the forest for another 1.5 miles or so before reaching Island Lake. Its got more than 40 named granite peaks that soar 13,000 feet or higher, scores of giant glaciers, 1,300 alpine lakes and hundreds of miles of incredible hiking trails. First, up near Forks Lakes, where we did some backcountry hiking, and most recently near Boulder Lake, where we finally got some good fishing, and an unexpected wildfire. Additionally, from 1962 through 1983, a U.S. Steel iron ore mine operated in Atlantic City, and the company's Atlantic City Mine Railroad crossed South Pass. You can learn more about our editorial policies here. The small lake draws far fewer anglers than other hikes in the area, meaning hikers here will enjoy a quieter, more secluded trail. Hiking plays a part in just about everything I do. For example, theAconcagua mountain page has the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits' asparents and is a parent itself to many routes, photos, and Trip Reports. The Wind Rivers humbly hide 30 peaks over 13,000 feet, including Wyoming's tallest mountain Gannett Peak. Beyond the upper lake a use-trail leads to an overlook above the south end of photogenic Wall Lake, set beneath the soaring granite slopes of an unnamed peak to the west. Continue straight onto the Green River Lakes Road for 18.5 miles. The town of Pinedale is the gateway into many of the Wind River trailheads. Also, this section is described in Pallister's book. South Pass was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1961. Books and maps can be purchased here. Slide Creek Falls is a unique waterfall thats not very known unless you look at a topo map. Unless any of you are crazy enough to try it with me! Visiting the Space Needle, exploring Pike Place Market, and touring the old underground city are staples on any Seattle trip, but youll need your hiking boots to discover the areas most majestic attractions. You'll touch the east shore of Lonesome Lake, and follow the trail east to Lizard Head Meadows. . According to Pallister, the safest way down is on the Glacier, instead of traversing the surrounding cliffs. Sprawled in the shadow of 14,115-foot Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs is the type of city that boasts the best of all worlds. From Little Sandy Creek, You then continue to Temple Pass. Atlantic Peak is the southernmost 12er in the Wind Rivers (and really the southernmost mountain of any note): the perfect place to start a comprehensive south-north traverse of the range. The WRRT is the culmination of months of personal research of guidebooks, maps, and online reports of the Wind River Range. From Lake 10,542, travel northwest through the rugged valley containing Long Lake (Lake 10,683). Ashley subsequently established the first Rocky Mountain Rendezvous in 1825. An extra day can be taken to climb Wind River Peak, the southernmost 13er in the range; definitely a worthy summit, with amazing views from what I've heard. My only experience is in the WRIR roadless area, though. Wind River Backcountry Rock Location Wind River Range Season Summer - Fall Difficulty Moderate - Hard Duration 5 - 7 Days 1 2 Overview Jackson Hole Mountain Guides have been climbing in the Winds for decades, and have racked up an impressive list of ascents of many of their finest routes. The 2022 Glampys: The Coolest Glampsites You Can Book Right Now, The Dyrt Is Hiring! However, I don't think that style of travel is the best fit for this route. A Shoshone had told Stuart of "a shorter trace to the South than that by which Mr. Hunt had traversed the R. Mountains"[4][5] In 1856 Ramsay Crooks, one of the party, wrote a letter describing their journey: In 1811, the overland party of Mr. Astor's expedition, under the command of Mr. Wilson P. Hunt, of Trenton, New Jersey, although numbering sixty well armed men, found the Indians so very troublesome in the country of the Yellowstone River, that the party of seven persons who left Astoria toward the end of June, 1812, considering it dangerous to pass again by the route of 1811, turned toward the southeast as soon as they had crossed the main chain of the Rocky Mountains, and, after several days' journey, came through the celebrated 'South Pass' in the month of November, 1812. While the map might not indicate more than 1,000 feet in elevation gain over the first 10.5 miles, the strenuousness of the hike shouldnt be underestimated. I have crafted this route to be the boldest and most challenging trek ever proposed in the Wind Rivers. The pass is a broad open saddle with prairie and sagebrush, allowing a broad and nearly level route between the Atlantic and Pacific watersheds. Generally considered a challenging route, it takes an average of 11 h 27 min to complete. The route down the glacier is detailed in Pallister's book, and unless you are slightly crazy, you should plan to carry some form of light crampons and an ice axe. " Blaine Myers OpenMapTiles OSM 14.1 Miles Point to Point 10,338' High 8,234' Low 2,896' Up 793' Down 5% Avg Grade (3) 28% Max Grade (15) Toolbox Plan in onX Backcountry Driving directions Take a virtual tour Download GPX File Know This Trail? Elevation Gain: 2,200 feet over 6 miles (9,100 ft to 11,300 ft). Island Lake is so named because theres an small island with trees on it in the middle. Take your time to learn the symptoms of altitude sickness before embarking on your high-altitude adventure. six day solo backpacking loop in Wyoming's Wind River Range starting at Boulder Canyon trail head. Go instead a couple of miles farther to Lizard Head Meadows or a short ways up the Bear's Ears Trail (described in the next section). I'm very interested in this hike right here: and I am wondering if anyone could point me to a trail map or something along those lines to visualize what I would be doing. The East face of Mt. 18.4 mi / 2280 ft gain The Wind River Range is one of the best backpacking + climbing wildernesses in the lower 48. To go to Lower Silas Lake, stay left and continue straight and down the trail toward Lower Silas Lake, which you should be able to see. Cirque of the Towers, Green River Lakes . The gold rush led to the establishment of booming mining communities, such as South Pass City and Atlantic City. East Fork Valley could be a great side trip. Its in the name! I wouldn't bet on it, however. In 1884, Emile Granier, a French mining engineer, established a hydraulic mining operation that allowed gold mining to continue. [2][9], Wyoming Highway 28 traverses the modern pass, roughly following the route of the Oregon Trail. The trail then follows a loop around the lake before returning back to the original junction. If traveling lightly and in peak physical condition, it could be possible to do this route in a little over a week. The archery range on Berlin Lake Wildlife Area is open sunrise-sunset, except during holidays, and is free-of-charge. UPPER SILAS LAKE: Its about 3 miles from the trailhead to Upper Silas Lake, 6 miles roundtrip. We released them all, but it was quite a day. Wyeth then established Fort Hall on the Snake River and the Lees settled the Willamette Valley. From Upper Golden, head north up to Lake 10787, the east down the slopes, and then north to Camp Lake. Some of our favorite day hikes are: Stough Creek Basin, Smith, Middle and Cathedral Lakes, Island and Thumb lakes in Silas Canyon, Lake Louise, and anything on the Middle Fork Trail, which starts at Bruces Bridge at the end of Sinks Canyon, and takes us all the way to Wind River Peak. While the trip offers a number of different arrangements depending on how long you make it, the recommended path includes starting from the Elkhart Park Trailhead, which is located just a two-hour drive from Jackson. The route follows closely to the Continental Divide through the Wind River Range and is largely off-trail; of the approximate 100 miles, 65+ miles are off-trail, depending on your measuring device. Trail, USFS - Bridger Teton National Forest Office, improvements If you cant plan your trip in September, I recommend wearing long layers and applying a healthy dose of DEET. From Coon Lake, you go around the south shore, and walk to a small pond just west of the lake, perched above cliffs. Just continue north to shallow and picturesque Hay Pass. The Sweetwater River flows past the east side of the pass, and Pacific Creek rises on the west side. The trail to the lake, if done in one day, is long and tiring with lots of ups and downs. smith lake alabama 10,470 Smith Lake Premium High Res Photos Browse 10,470 smith lake stock photos and images available, or search for lewis smith lake or lewis smith lake alabama to find more great stock photos and pictures. THUMB LAKE: Its about 6 miles to Thumb lake from the trailhead, 12 miles roundtrip. 97. Day 1: Sweetwater Gap Guardstation to Windy Lake, 7 miles, Day 5: Grave Lake, 12 miles (all on-trail), Day 6: Visit Babtiste Lake, camp at upper Grave cirque, 7 miles, Day 7: Sonnicant Lake via Roberts Mountain route, 6 miles, Day 10: Explore lakes south of Brown Cliffs, camp at one of them, 6 miles, Day 11: "Shangri-La" via the "Goat-Friendly High Route," 7 miles, Day 12: Day hike to "Glacier View" and down to the North Fork Bull Lake Creek, 6 miles, Day 13: From "Shangri-La" to Upper Titcomb Basin (over Indian Pass), 9 miles, Day 14: Scott Lake (CRUX OF ROUTE), 9 miles, Day 18: Out via Osbourne Mountain Route, 9 miles, + 2 days for weather-related "stay-put" days. For speedier backpackers, Big Sandy Lake is a popular camping spot just under 6 miles from the Big Sandy trailhead. Drop down to Lake 10,566 and follow the East Fork River and pick up the same trail (from Pyramid Lake) further down at Skull Lake.] Its recommended for the Cirque of the Towers loop that you bring a map and compass and that you know how to use them. Check out more of our hiking guides featuring the most epic terrain in the Rocky Mountains: 14 Majestic Hikes in Glacier National Park, The 10 Best Hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park, How to Spend One Day in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Call 307.438.970 or Email [email protected] to Book For point-to-point trips, we recommend we meet you at your take-out point and we shuttle you to your start location. Reaching the pass on 8 Aug. 1842, Fremont wrote, "The ascent had been so gradual, that, with all the intimate knowledge possessed by Carson, who had made the country his home for seventeen years, we were obliged to watch very closely to find the place at which we had reached the culminating point." Directions from Pinedale: From the intersection of Pine Street (US 191) and North Tyler Ave (the Pinedale Tourism office is located on the northeast corner) in Pinedale, WY, drive south on Highway 191 for 11.7 miles and then turn left (east) on WY . When approaching from Temple Pass, avoid descending to Lake 10,839 by a messy traverse." Trip Type: Out-and-back Stay right at the junction and continue. Though its neighbor, Colorado, takes up most of the outdoor attention in the central western United States, the Wind River Range offers a fair share of notable outdoor attractions in its own right. Only the off-trail option is doable as a day hike (shown on a map in Pallister's book). Related objects are relevant to each other in some way, but they don't form a parent/child relationship. And the shores of Grave Lake (also pictured) have endless scenic camping spots. The Dorothy Harvey papers (1902-2005) is a collection of materials focusing on the Central Utah Project (CUP), a water resource development program to use Utah's alloted share of the Colorado River. The Wind River Range extends for more than 100 miles, the crest forming part of the Continental Divide. Wind River Range " A great and fun trail with awesome views. Its conveniently situated right in the middle of the range, providing ample opportunities to stock up on food, water, and supplies in this beautiful part of the country. Wind River Range Backpacking Video. From the Elkhart trailhead parking lot, take the Pole Creek Trail directly adjacent to . This article was brought to you by Gregory. Beefcake!" They were accompanied by the naturalist John Kirk Townsend, who documented this first use of the Oregon-California Trail, avoiding the Lander Cutoff used by the fur traders. which original hamilton cast member stayed the longest, caesars rewards air phone number,

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